Cuisine Options:


Corned beef and cabbage egg rolls

Jalapeño popper wontons with orange sweet ginger sauce

Mushroom  ginger gyoza

Pesto bread

Pesto guacamole

Baked mozzarella


Bacon wrapped blue cheese stuffed dates

Tapenade bread

Baked Sausage or Bacon jalapeño poppers on the half shell

Sw Chile mini flatbreads- baked green Chile, Asiago cheese, pita bread and roasted garlic

Salmon lox bruschetta- dill caper cream cheese- picked red onion- micro greens

Sausage and peppers sandwiches, mild or hot Italian sausage served on baguette with red sauce and sautéed bell/Italian peppers. 

Lettuce wraps- peanuts, green onion, chicken or sweet potato veggie mix with ginger sweet and sour sauce

Assorted panini’s or flatbreads... prosciutto pear with honey/ brie, grape, and walnut/chicken bacon ranch with broccoli.

Crispy Korean cauliflower

Artichoke hearts breaded and fried served with Caper aioli 

Breaded Buffalo broccoli

Fresh vegetable spring rolls

Curried chicken salad on endive or butter leaf with Raisins, green onion, peanuts.

curry, teriyaki, or BBQ, chicken skewers with assorted accompanying fruit and veg ( cucumber, pineapple, melon)

Tenderloin medallions- shallot confit, blackberry red wine Demi glaze. - market price

Ginger beef skewers with honey dew and ginger

Prosciutto wrapped melons with mint agave




Ratatouille- squash varieties with tomato, bell pepper and lots of garlic, stacked 

Eggplant Napoleon- goat cheese, spinach, roasted red bell pepper sauce. And thick slabs of breaded eggplant.

Stir fry- abundant variety of fried vegetables and sweet Asian mustard sauce

Vegan Pho- bean sprouts, rice noodles, cilantro, basil, with fortified veggie stock

Brined and fried chicken breast with country gravy and seasonal veggies

Coq au vin

Assorted beef sliders : green Chile cheddar bacon, Caprese with pesto and balsamic, BBQ with bleu cheese and red onion. etc.

Indian Taco bar with fry bread ground beef, and all of the accoutrements

Beef bourguignon

Carne adovada/pollo adovada taco bar

Duck confit empanadas with red Chile piñon nut sauce

Deconstructed Chile relleno, baked Asiago cheese lattice, roasted/grilled/smoked green Chile, Indian taco crostini

Flat iron with chimichurri or salsa Verde

Brisket/ flat iron fajitas bar with guac, salsa, sour cream, and flour and/or corn tortillas

Baked tortellini- chicken breast, roasted red bell peppers, Alfredo sauce.

Brisket beef stroganoff

NW' Best chicken salad sandwiches with bacon, muenster. (cranberries, walnuts, celery, red bell pepper, red onion)

Hot pastrami sandwiches with provolone, Swiss, pepperoncini, pickle. And 2 mustards.

Vegan lentil loaf with pasta sauce

Large size pot pie variety




Chili, minestrone, pasta fagioli, vegan sweet corn bisque, vegan sweet Potato with green Chile, chilled beet borscht, vichyssoise, cream of green Chile chicken, French onion, beef and barley, New Mexico pork red Chile posole, beef green Chile posole, chilled avocado and crema soup with Pico de Gallo, salmon chowder, gazpacho. 



Arroz Verde- cilantro, green onion, lime, rice.

Neon potatoes- butter braised red cabbage riced with Yukon gold potatoes.

cheddar Corn bread/ jalapeño cheddar cornbread

Cole slaw

steamed seasonal veggies

mac and cheese with beer cheese sauce 






Sauces: red Chile marinara, green Chile Alfredo, piñon nut red Chile, pesto, guacamole, harissa, zhug, tzatziki, red green and yellow curries, mango pineapple salsa, chimichurri, piccata/ schnitzel, Marsala. Plenty more so just ask and we’ll find something to fit for you.